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An amazing intricate dance crew that came off of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2. With the best fans that they have,they never made into the bottom two through the whole show. Even though Super Cr3w defeated them, they will always still remain at the top for doing what they love to do. That's what makes them so amazing. SoReal had been kicked out of their dance studio for refusing to change their name.

Thats what's keeps em SOOOOREAALL xD ! <3 The members consist of:

-Andrew "Goodfoot" Baterina
-Brian "Buyoiyoi" Fucanan
-Mark "Monkiee Boi" Fucanan
-Ailyn "Eye Candy" Isidro
-Pat Lam
-Jackie "Jackstar" Lautchang
-Brian "Burna" Puspos
You should definetly check them out on SoReal Cru T.V. on YouTube.
Dancer #1 - "Hey are you going to SoReal Cru's dance workshop?"
Dancer #2 - "MAN, HAIL YEA."
by phat_moon July 14, 2009
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