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An experience embodying thoughts and emotions that occurs in the moment, but is followed by a humbling experience.
The written language is the most powerful form of language.

The cake is a lie.

The embodiment of cake is not in the cake itself. Cake is delicious, but not satisfying without the experience that usually accompanies cake. When you have cake, it is not the cake that creates the most magnificent of experiences, but it is the emotions attached to it. Celebration with friends, the social interaction usually surrounding a joyous occasion. Without this interaction between the cake and the world, the cake would just be any other pastry. However, cake can be enjoyed by some but not by others in any social interaction. Each perspective is unique to each individual.

The cake is a lie.

A cake alone can be enjoyed, but not in the sense that cake should be.

As I walked down the coast, walking her hand in mine, my heart was filled, my mind content, and in that moment I was happy.

As I walked away from her, alone to my car, I knew the emotions experienced by being with her were untrue. Her thoughts and feelings were not mine.

The cake was delicious, the experience wonderful, but in the end, it was still just cake.
by perspectiveiskey April 30, 2010
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