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A bizarre sex act.

The act begins with the woman doing a headstand. The male inserts the tip of a maple syrup bottle is into her anus and holds it there until the bottle is empty. Next, while clenching her buttocks, she positions herself seated atop the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup serves to induce a euphoria in Canadian women making her immune to pain and bleeding.
A sharpened moose antler is then inserted into the vagina and is used to pierce an opening between the vaginal and anal canals.
A successful piercing is confirmed when maple syrup flows out of the vagina into the Stanley Cup.

The antler is removed and copulation begins. With the woman now positioned bottoms-up, draped atop the Stanley Cup, the male inserts his penis into her vagina, thru the piercing made by the moose antlers. With each thrust the tip of the penis penetrates out the anus like a prarie dog.

The act is finally completed after free reconstrucive surgery in a fine Canadian hospital.
After winning a Stanley Cup, many Canadian hockey players like to give their groupies a bit of Canada's History.
by penoozer February 26, 2010

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