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Exact definition: Perfection

Other definitions include: One of a kind female. Never met a stranger. Smile so bright that it's blinding. Kind and loving more than you could ever ask for. From Brazilian decent, yet worldly cultured. Has a passion for learning. The best hug giver ever. So gorgeous that the whole room looks at her when she walks in. Head strong and confident. Can be one of the guys. Has no problem watching a whole game of football. Raised with amazing standards and morals. Makes you smile no matter when you're talking to her. Independent. Foreign language teacher.

Nicknames include: Ma, Lee, Lia, Leah
My girlfriend is so Marilia!

How can she be so lia?!

I just had a lee hug!

I'm going to Brazil next month! All I need now is a Marilia to help me out!
by pauzao February 04, 2010

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