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the typ of person that you can always count on, a very loyal person that will do anything to help, a loving girl to her boyfriend and likes to be in long relationships and, when she is in one she is devoted and makes her counter part very happy to point that he would gladly give up his life for her, this type of person is just all around awsome there is no amount of words that one can use to explain this, all though one hits the spot pretty well, perfect. she is also very pretty, beautiful, hot, sexy, and any other word you can use to describe good looks, she also has a keen sense of music and never fails to listen to the best of the best, her oppinion is always voiced although some people may not agree with it, she is generally right, it does no justice to argue with her. she also has a very keen fashion sense, no one can compare with her when she puts her mind to it. her best match for a mate is and Adam, they work very well together will probably get facebook married and then 10 years down the road get married.
yea told you, cant compare to a Kylee
by pastykid May 07, 2011
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