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I am Aunt Julie and I wrote my 1st book. A collection of short stories growing up in Texas. I had 4 sisters so we have lots to share. My grandfather said I looked like a duck paddling in the water when I went swimming. That is how I became Paddleduck. My stories are for the young and young at heart. I started out writing for children but the adults are the ones asking for more.
paddleduck.com -At the end of the summer Uncle Albert drove us back to Houston and he didn't like to wear shoes. He said he like to let his toes breathe. My mother said he had smelly feet. Teresa cooked spaghetti, lasagna, beans and rice, roast or chicken and potatoes. When she cooked her roast it looked like a log. When she fried her chicken it looked like it was boiled. Grandpa said a big catfish was living in the car. He thought it would be easy to catch it coming out the window. He told Aunt Carolyn to go on the other side of the car and close the door. That fish was so smart that he locked the doors and rolled up the windows.
by paddleduck.com May 04, 2011

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