9 definitions by pablo rainman

the worst team in the NBA...they fuckin suck and have amazing players...HOW?
the knicks can suck my balls
by pablo rainman May 02, 2006
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1) Torkian, also known as a MILF hunter, is out to look for mothers of young children to seduce, and to just for the right to tell just about anyone that their mom is hot. He responds to every sentence with "your mom"

2) Fat, Huge, Big, Tubby, Chubs, Jiggle-Rolls, Bozorg

3) Claims to "own" everyone, but really only a few select kids like Fat-Josh and Sean
1) Person : Yo want to do something tonight?
Torkian: YOUR MOM wants to do something tonight!

2) Yo, Fat-Josh looks mad torkian today

3) Person : You're being really gay
Torkian:Yo Shut up i OWN you
by Pablo Rainman April 04, 2006
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