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in fact it used to be a real empire,from west india to egypt including turkey,iraq,armenia,azerbaijan,afghanistan,pakistan,tajikestan,parts of saudi arabia,greece and africa and all small countries in this area.
Iran(Persia) is a world in one country,believe me.it has many interesting things worth to know.iranian are proud of their past and their culture which is almost ruined now.why?cuz of its goverments.they try to say their history had begun when islam came to iran.they are arab and like arabs but iranian are PERSIAN which is a branch of ARIA,another branch is GERMAN in europe.
the first writing about human rights which was used in human rights commission was written by Great Cyrus,Probably best king of iran governing 24 countries peacefully 2500 years ago.
Suez canal was dug by iranian kings to pass their ships to mediterranean sea.
probably iran is the only place in the world that you can sea a green jungle and a hot dessert in a distance less than 70 miles.
Lots of things to know about this country.
don be influenced by propaganda.
real interesting country...
Iran a must-know country...
by p_patriot August 09, 2010
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