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Shes the girl that's always on my mind, Shes the girl that I will do anything for, whether it's fighting an army to save her or just buying her random gifts to let her know I care. I will wait a thousand years just to be with her. I will stick with her no matter what. She is and always will be my hunny bunny. She will always be my courtney... I love you girl :)
A Hunny Bunny is any girl that means the world to you, someone that you cant live without
by oscar pork July 01, 2010

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Its a girl, a girl that is like no other. A girl that will blow your mind just when she looks at you! She is kind to everyone and always will be. Her looks are off the charts, and doesn't even realize it. Her smile.... will take your breath away! If god himself saw that smile he would die of a heart attack! She is my everything and always will be! She is the reason why i fight, the reason that I live! Courtney Jean Sheehan, I love you!
A girl that you love more then anyone in the world, a girl that when you just think about her you go crazy. This girl doesn't have to be Courtney Jean Sheehan but can be any girl that you truly love, want to spend the rest of your life with.
by oscar pork July 31, 2010

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