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1. a person that plays a stringed instrument usually violin, viola, cello, or bass in an orchestra
2. is friends with many other musically inclined people {i.e band geeks or choir queers}
3. almost exclusively dates people mentioned above
4. has a 99% chance of being asian
5. is emotionally attached to their instrument
6. enjoys playing music to an inhuman extent
7. can pick out their instruments part in about any song
8. constantly makes jokes about band and chorus
9. takes pride in being a member of the orchestra (those who take their pride to the extreme call it dorkestra )
10. their talent is almost always underestimated, they are often neglected because of this
11. is considered a pervert when talking about almost any aspect of their instrument
12. is infinately awesome. period.
Bill: that orky dork treats her bass better than her boyfriend!

Me: hey, what up band geeks!?
Friends: you're such an orky dork, laura.

Bob: what are you doing?
Me: fingering a minor.
Bob: what?!
Me: damn! i broke my G string.
Me: it doesn't help that its so hard shifting into fifth position, either.
Bob:...orky dork...
by orkydork4life December 06, 2006
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