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The media's representation of feminism, similar to how "wild-eyed swarthy terrorist" is the media representation of Islam.

A term which designates a fringe extremist who receives a lot of undeserved attention, and thus becomes the horrific, screeching spokesperson for an actually intelligent social cause.

A much-loved person by the media, who can give feminism a bad name, while distracting everyone from real feminist issues - like domestic abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, the feminization of poverty, etc.

Notably, man-hating is not synonymous with lesbianism. Woman-loving is synonymous with lesbianism. Be careful to not confuse the two, unless you're only heterosexual because you just can't stand your own gender.

Feminazis aren't necessarily lesbians, and vice versa.

Nor are feminazis true feminists.
That feminazi on the news is saying that we should change the word "world" to "womanorld!"
by orchid April 30, 2006

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General expression of annoyance.
Man, that's long!
Don't be so long.
But i'm exhausted! Long!
by orchid September 13, 2003

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