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The coolest beach town you'll ever go to!

Home of the prettiest girls, superstar athletes, and intellegent minds! Other people diss Port Aransas because they are so outstanding at everything! They throw the sickest parties, midnight cruise, and go to the beach everyday!

Some of the greatest people you will ever meet attend Port Aransas High School...
Anna Roberson,
Rachel Davis,

Taylor Griffin,

Savanah Ortiz,
Savanah Gulliot,
Kelly Owens,

Marian Smith,
Devan Murray,

Guy: Hey man we should go to Port Aransas!
Man: Hell Yeah dude I hear the girls are beautiful and that all the people there are super good at sports and are incredibly intelligent!
Guy: We should go to school there instead of this inbread piece of shit town!
by orangedinosaur November 02, 2011

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