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When one animal Species acts and shares traits of another animal species.
My cat decided she was going to be Trans-Species. I always wondered why she thought she was a dog... She growls when some one is in our yard, She Growls when the dogs bark and she waits for me at the front door... She also has to follow me EVER WHERE! No bathroom peace for me. She even growled at my So called friend John Doe when he would pull into my drive way. She never bothered my birds, Or my chinchillas... But she likes to sleep in your lap or the dog beds... Hence, I am coming up with a new term for animals like this. TRANS-SPECIES!!
by Optix July 12, 2014

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Something a chick says when you're not performing to her standards.
"come on dickhead! kick it up a notch!"
by optix May 18, 2004

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