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Kandice is very bubbly and eccentric in the most random ways. She has her own sense of humor and constantly laughs at her own jokes. She also has the most loud fashion sense of anybody you will ever know. She's bold in her clothing choices. "Comfort over fashion" can take a hike. Still she struggles with self image and sometimes needs encouragement from her friends. Nevertheless she'll always listen when anyone needs to vent and have a positive remark to say no matter what! Kandice may not know exactly what she wants all the time but she prepares for almost everything. She's either the one who keeps band aids in her wallet or who leaves only one piece of gum in the pack so that if ever people her ask her for gum she can say "sorry it was my last piece"... and then just keep putting one more piece in the pack for later. She's the one who books the flight 7 months in advance and researches every tourist attraction ever but forgets to pack underwear. She's randomly into stocks. If you ever find a Kandice, make sure to hold on for dear life. She has a heart of GOLD.
1. Bruh who's that hawt slim-thick chick who tells the knock knock jokes?

2. OH you're probs talking about kandice
by oodalily April 7, 2021
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