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1. The type of voter who Obama is targeting when he bumps American Idol in order to give a prime time address to the nation.
The President bumped American Idol again so he could read the teleprompter to his Obama Bots.
by oldmanklc7734 April 09, 2009

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A nation where proper speech and debate is controlled by first amendment hating racists who believe that any legitimate criticism of a black politician's policies (unless he is a Republican), can most easily be dismissed by dubbing it "racist" instead of critically thinking about the issues.
Person One: "I don't think that President Obama's hastily passed 850 Billion Dollar "Stimulus Package" will help us recover from the current economic crisis but will instead, lead our country to an intolerable rate of inflation, more national debt, and a weakened global position."

Person Two: "Stimu-what? Man, you just don't like a black man in the White House."

Person One: "Oh, I forgot, we live in an Obama Nation, where it's illegal to criticize the President's policies. My bad... I'll resume my first amendment rights when we no longer have a black president."
by oldmanklc7734 May 14, 2009

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When doing a chick from behind, lean down to her ear and whisper the name of a different girl that you've had sex with implying that you think it's her name. See how long you can stay in as she tries to get away.
After I called her by another girl's name, I really had to "ride the bull."
by oldmanklc7734 April 16, 2007

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Inserting a penis into the vagina. Possibly based upon the position of an erect penis compared to the salute of a nazi.
What are you doing tonite?

I'm just trying to hide the nazi.
by oldmanklc7734 November 03, 2006

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