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FACT: A Colorado Cock-slap is a phenomenon that occurs in Jeeps all over Colorado. Performing a Colorado Cock-slap is rather simple. Step one, hold back your beard so that your pud is exposed. Step two, have a female specimen perform road head. Step three, drive off road, preferably on a very rocky trail. Note, be sure she has a mouth capacious enough to handle your girth/prevent biting. Step 4: Enjoy your off road head and drive with enough vigor such that her head slips off your penis causing it to swing around and hit her in the face (Colorado Cock-slap).
Brendan- I was on my way to Steamboat and I Colorado Cock-slapped her.

Jeff-Oh Karioka!

Brendan- Hey Jeff did you get a Colorado Blowjob?

Jeff- Na, I took her to the mountains and Colorado Cock-slapped her instead.
by oldchub March 22, 2011

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