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The phonetically incorrect (or more American) way to say "karaoke" (which is derived from the Japanese words Kara and ōkesutora). Typically it is used to refer to the Karaoke footwork drill, also known as the grapevine, by an old gym teacher. It also can be used as way to say good bye, lets go, fuck it! lets do it!, or hell yeah. By saying Karioka (and actually doing the footwork drill as you leave) indicates that you care about your footwork and making life your bitch. You don't care what people think because you know your footwork will save you later on in life when you are competing in sports such as racquetball, bowling, or just plain running......from the cops. Last Definition: Can be used as a sobriety test, if someone can do the karioka footwork drill without falling then they aren't drunk enough.
Alright min (men) , forward skip, backward skip, slide step, KARIOKA, alright now jog it up.

Hey Dude, fuck it, wanna just go bowling?

Dude: Karioka!

Yeah I just had a baby.. well this is the end of my life.. Karioka.

Officer, who needs to walk a line I can Karioka.

Officer: Ok you are totally good
Drunk: alright Karioka (Bye)
by Mr. Rod Card May 29, 2010
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