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Some of the earlier definitions are accurate, but they don't go far enough. Also, the idiot who doesn't believe that women can ejaculate just doesn't have much experience.

When a man caresses and excites a woman's G-spot
correctly and expertly, the woman on her first go at it will think she is going to let some pee out, but she won't. What
comes out is the equivalent of a man's cum. It emanates from .....I don't know where. It has a nice pleasant taste.

You should try it with your special woman.
Just handle a lady's G-spot correctly and patiently, and warn her that she'll think she is going to pee, but she won't in reality. When she comes, you'll like the taste. The pussy juice which flows following this G-spot play is really sweet.
by old Navy sex expert September 03, 2009

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