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the only reason o'connell is better than pvi at sports is because they have more kids to choose from for the teams. Smaller schools aren't going to be the better at sports obviously. duh. oh and by the way pvi's uniforms dont suck compared to djo, we don't have to wear sweaters AND blazers. And whoever decided to comment on uniforms in the first place is just retarded. name one school that actually has a COOL uniform. no one likes uniforms, that's why you pay to dress out.
Guy1- i hooked up with this slut from o'connell this weekend
Guy2- well no sh*t she's a from HOOOOO Connell!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you guys are so ugly
by oconnellsucks May 02, 2005
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stttteeeevvveee you're an idiot. just because other schools have class and don't shout things like "faggots faggots" at games doesn't make you cool... even though you obviously think it does. i got to pvi and we dont shout faggots either because we arent gay like you.
So basically any school is better than o'connHell.
by oconnellsucks May 02, 2005
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