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What Antonio Banderas says when he breaks someone's neck.
Antonio Banderas: "Fuck ya!" *breaks someone's neck*
by oball May 27, 2006

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Webcest means anything kind of deviant and/or disgusting that people do because of the internet. First defined by Jeffrey Rowland in Overcompensating.
Webcest is that special feelin' you get when you're makin' love to your old lady and you're both dressed like giraffes!
by oball August 28, 2005

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A ten pint job is a girl so fugly that before you'd even think of putting your cock anywhere near her, you would need to have imbibed at least ten pints of beer. (see also beer goggles)
That girl's a ten pint job, mate. I wouldn't touch her with yours.
by oball April 08, 2005

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