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A word group consisting of a present or past particle and any modifiers, objects, and complements. A particle phrase commonly functions as an adjective.
"Particle" refers to any complementary thoughts, feelings, or actions toward any species in the Alligator family.
Sarah: "Alligator's, known to act as homing pigeons, are lovely!"
Alejandro: "Wow, good use of a particle phrase!"
APLC Teacher: "I said PARTICIPLE."
by nyandsarah September 26, 2010
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A secret code used among theatre kids, especially in gym class. It is used as a method for detecting and recognizing fellow musical lovers.
Gym Teacher: I'm going to count off by fours. All the ones go stand to the right."

Theatre kid #1: "One..."
Theatre kid #2: "...singular sensation!!!!!!!"
Theatre kid #1: "Thank God, someone who understands me!"
Theatre kid #2: "One (singular sensation) never fails."
by nyandsarah October 04, 2010
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