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An Australian term for someone who chuffed a durry so hard they experience a nicotine high and get all fucked up.
Good on the silly bastard trying to get a light for a wet fag. Daft cunt's already fucking cooked!

Pollys so cooked he can't even hold the dart in his mouth properly the fucker, want a cracker you mad cunt
by nullboy June 01, 2016

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> A person whose logic, reasoning, AND rationality decided to go out for lunch permanently.
> Someone who is arbitrary.
> Someone who is batshit.
"Those fucking arbitrarian republicans are at it again."
"God save us from the arbitrarian hordes."
"He was pro-life, so he walked into a planned parenthood clinic and killed 3 people and injured 9."
by nullboy November 29, 2015

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