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“Jose , you showed up.” glados said looking at the hispanic man. “You bet you wet bot butt i did.” jose said with his beautiful mustache blowing in the wind (almost as the wind was blowing him). “Umhh. “ glados activated her built in vibrator, “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” with a little “uggggg!!!!?!!” booming out of her high quality speakers. Jose got very aroused seeing the vibrator buzz. He slapped glados’s butt and starting to strip ‘er down. But then from hearing, “strip er’ down” dan the tv man blasted through the wall wearing nothing but boxers he screamed “GET ER’ DONE!!!” he ran over to the glados widely open shaft and he shoved his 9 feet penis in it. Jose began to cry, his penis was only 1/999 inches, he thought that glados would reject him after seeing a 9 foot penis. But he still got very aroused from hearing glados’s open moans from dans penis.

“Dang dan, you and jose you know how to hump an artificial intelligence, but I have the world's greatest penis” said batman as he came through the window with a tight 9 pack. “Wow” the whole group said as they gazed at the perfect penis, it even throbbed in a way that was probably not even possible. Jose and dan looked at it and looked at each other while thinking “is being gay a bad thing?” (and yes it is, pure judgement here)

by nubby gubby May 28, 2018
when the male ejaculates downwards into his own hands and then poor's the sperm out of his hands into his mouth,and then bird feeds it into his wife's vagina and then the male licks the sperm into her vagina.
"last night i did the down dog to my wife until she threw up all over herself! "
by nubby gubby January 16, 2018