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to achieve a state of peace and openness to life by laughing at lots of great memes, causing one's worries or negative mindset to implode and vanish.
Depressed Darika surfed the internet until her head memeploded.

Are you ready for this party?
~Yes, I spent the whole day memeploding and I feel great but I definitely need to get out of the house.
~Sorry, I can't go out tonight, I need to stay home and memeplode.

I'm so memeploded I can't even construct a complete sentence.
That's ok bro, a picture is worth a thousand words.
by noun-der-wear March 09, 2019
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The physiological mechanism and resultant philosophy by which one derives enormous pleasure from mental stimulation. Other forms: sapiohedonist, sapiohedonistic, sapiohedonistically.
Thanks to my inherent sapiohedonism, I became extremely aroused while discussing the difference between epigenetics and neo-Lamarckism with my brilliant date, a post-doc fellow in evolutionary biology.
by noun-der-wear October 12, 2014
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