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a disgrace to asians
koreaboos are a disgrace to real asians
by notmemes July 13, 2019

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1. A person who wants to be Korean by listening to k-pop, using the Korean language in the wrong way, and disrespecting REAL Korean culture.

2. A very shitty website that serves almost no real purpose, only that it shows news about k-pop and just about nothing else "Korea" related
me: koreaboos are shit

north korean: NORTH KOREA IS BETTER KOREA!!!!1111, JOIN ME COMRADE!!!!111

koreaboos: oh shit, we fucked up
via giphy
by notmemes April 21, 2019

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a song from the album chinese democracy by guns n' roses that is fucking kickass
jimmy: shackler's revenge is awesome!
brian: you retard, shackler doesn't have revenge
by notmemes July 23, 2019

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crush 40

crush 40 is the worst example of a "rock band"
their music is shit
jimmy: what the fuck are you listening to?
alex: crush 40
jimmy: dude crush 40 is the worst rock band in existence
by notmemes May 13, 2019

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Why the fuck are you searching this up first of all? You know goddamn well what happens when you search this.
wow look at me
by notmemes March 03, 2019

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the shitty little game that stupid pre-teens play just to annoy others
Johnny: Yo look what happened to that guy
Malik: What happened to that asshole?
Johnny: He played fortnite and became a toxic player
Malik: Wow, what an idiot
by notmemes March 03, 2019

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