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Suburb in the greater Savannah area infested with bugs, alligators, rednecks, and haters. Characterized by the ever pungent hint of sulfur, a throwback to the town's origins of raising rice on large plantations in the swamps, run entirely by a group of people whom are still commonly referred to as "darkies" by most locals. While having a few thousand people, most citizens of Richmond Hill are related to each other, fucking someone you're related to, fucking you, related to you, or (most likely) all of the above. The town is also blessed with several fine eating establishments, including not one, but TWO Waffle Houses, and an all-you can eat Southern buffet with deep fried creamed corn. Home to the annual Dukes of Hazzards festival, Greg Allman, and Henry Ford - who according to locals, was an extreme anti-Semite. If you're not white and baptist, you will more than likely not feel welcome. A.K.A. "RH," "The Hill," "Rich Man's Hill," and "White Man's Hill."
Patrick: "Hey alex, what are you guys up to in richmond hill this weekend?" Alex: "Oh you know, the usual. Getting some to go food from waffle house and throwing beer cans in the Ogeechee River. Maybe even have a lynching, we'll see."
by notakkkmember October 20, 2009
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