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verb (use with object)
To be the subject of unfortunate or random events that result in detrimental treatment as a direct result of being in Beira, Mozambique either physically or emotionally.

The state of being negatively treated

usage note: I just got Beira'd, you just got Beira'd. That was a good Beira-ing

pronounced: {Bey-ruh}
To wait 90 minutes for lunch and have it arrive burnt ... you just got Beira'd
To have drinks served and knock one's sunglasses to the floor smashing them ... you just got Beira'd
To attempt to use toilets only to not have toilet paper nor running water ...you just got Beira'd
To use weights in a hotel gym only to have them fall to pieces ... you just got Beira'd
To wait at Beira airport for 12 hours for a delayed flight ...you just got Beira'd
by notTrent900 May 20, 2012
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Lorne Jane wearing type A personality, Land Rover driving, opinionated mother of a child at Milton Public School. Usually flouncing around at the front gate expressing their inflated self worth and opinions and spreader of malicious gossip.
She's such a control freakish bitch .... such a Milton Mum
by notTrent900 December 13, 2014
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