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A seedy backstreet pub , often named 'The Railway' or something related , where cowboy builders ,roofers , beered up louts and other generally unscrupulous characters frequent on any given day of the week to get beered up and and do lines of cocaine rails , hence the name railway is given to these establishments .

People that frequent these establishments are often said to be 'off the rails'
1. "What you up to tonight ? "

"Im off to the railway for some beers and a few lines mate, the footys on "

2. He's gone off the rails , he's at the railway every night now .
by Not a chance man July 30, 2009

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A person who is the most annoying one-upper, douche bag ,tool around, a tool of such unimaginable proportion the term "Tool shop" is the only thing large enough to describe this individual .

They are quite literally the mother of all tools .
Ruth: "Did you hear that guy ?"

Ben: "Yeah what a tool "

Ruth: "He was more than that Ben ! , he was a total tool shop !! a fucking B and Q superstore !!"
by not a chance man September 18, 2009

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