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A n00b who waits till the VERY end of a kill run and steals the kill with only a few hits. The n00b THINKS they got all the glory of the kill, instead they just annoy the 10 other people who poured all their turns and military into that country in the first place!
Damnit Marlz, Franky cherry picked another ktr!! BOOT HIS ASS!!
by Nostej September 26, 2004

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Screw up or break something. Similar to bork or fucked but more acceptable in a professional environment.
I dropped my screw driver into the coin machine and schnappled it all up.

"Someone spilled a gallon of water into the register!"
"Yup, now the scale is schnappled up. Call the the repair man!"

"I fell asleep while I was driving and schnappled up the front of my car"
"You're lucky to be alive!"
by nostej April 16, 2013

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