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The act in which a guy fucks a random girl while drunk and after, said guy goes to turn on the light and thus discovers blood EVERY where....after the girl has gone down on the guy....

Dude, she said she wasnt on her period before, but that was after she had already bleed all over me and bobbed on my nobb.....and the worst part was not knowing, and turning the light on to discover a massacre....it was such a bloody chucky.
by noslen aushoj May 24, 2010
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Defines a certain type of rugged, masculine man who,despite what others might think, is not too afraid to engage in the delicate art of shotgunning with another man.
"He wasn't afraid at all, he just went for it with another guy! He's such a Shotgun Bill"
by noslen aushoj January 06, 2018
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