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When a female you are interested in casually reveals that she has a boyfriend (intentionally or otherwise).
I was about to ask her out but then she dropped the boyfriend bomb.
by nomes December 21, 2005

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"Baisti complete" means someone just got disrespected or insulted.

"Beizzati karna" is Urdu/Hindi for disrespecting or insulting someone.

Instead of saying "bay-iz-zat-i" folks just say "beizti" or "baisti."

Not to be confused with "basti" which refers to (informal, urban) settlements.
A: Yo dawg, basti complete!

B: Basti means 'hood, you idiot.

by nomes September 18, 2012

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BITCH, a female dog
your mama is a bitch and a whore.
by Nomes September 25, 2003

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when women is getting fucked a lot by the same penis she shapes to accommodate him
oh man we loved it all night and the next morning too, i bet she curved to me!
by nomes May 18, 2003

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