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S13 = SB
by nobia May 31, 2010
noun. (pl. same) also,S13
Comes from a Chinese words

Pronounces Sha bi,means "Stupid Bitch".
In fact, Sha = 傻(stupid),Bi = 屄(pussy).
If you play online games in China or chat with some Chinese lowlives you'll see it many times.
A is singing in the midnight
B: You are the person between SA and SC.
A: SB,watch your mouth!
A: Screw your sister SB!

C: Look! Two SB are talkin bout SB!
D: WTF? Scientiae Baccalaureus ??
E: ...the World is full of SB !
by nobia May 30, 2010
n. & adj.

A very good person.

B - brilliant
I - intelligence
T - talent
C - charming
H - honour
by nobia June 1, 2010