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Emo Kid....Well all these so called "Emo Kids" claim to be non conformists...Yet they all dress the same, listen to the same music, and whinge about the same things like how society sucks these days, and that nobody listens to them and that noone understands. No emo will admit to being an emo because they get picked on for being emo, when half the time they are just attention seekers from middle to upper class suburban families, who whine about the fact that their parents dont love them and dont give them attention, but that would be due to the fact that their parents are both too busy with work, earning money to maintain that 2 storey house in the upper class suburbs, paying for the "EMO KIDS" private school fees.
The Emo Kid sits in the double garage of his two storey house in the Suburbs, blaring parkway drive on his $2000 sound system which he got from his parents for his birthday and complains that his parents dont understand him....
by no bullshite May 11, 2008
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