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ninj (v.): to act in such a manner that could be construed as causing trickery, disruption, and/or pain on those who instill one's wrath
Ninj (n.): any one of a number of people who enjoy, and in fact take delight in, causing mischief and trickery on those who deserve it; i.e., mauling someone
v. "I'm gonna ninj you, you bloody prick, if you ever say something like that again!"

n. "I am so a ninj!"
by ninjgirl April 13, 2011

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1) A punk is a loser, dork, freak.

2) A person that listens to the punk music

3) An oddball or a weirdo

3) Just a Plain Loser
an example is a person wearing strange clothes compared to church or someone acting weird and not. that is a punk
by ninjgirl March 25, 2009

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