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because someone has to do the cooking...
TEACHER: So does anyone know why the army doesn't let women fight on the front lines?
ME: ... because SOMEBODY has to do the cooking... And that's why they let women in the military.
TEACHER: Go to the principal! I'm so offended... blah blah blah... womens rights... blah blah blah... equality... blah blah blah $.75 to a man's $1.00... bitch bitch bitch...
ME: The men make more money because they pay for all of the stupid crap you always ask for
by ninjaplz February 06, 2009
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Beat Up from the Feet Up
That chick is so ugly, she's BUFU!!!!
by NinjaPlz June 29, 2014
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A crappy school full of minorities and AP's who only like basketball and football
TOM: So why do you go to Canyon instead of GVHS?
MARY: Because Golden Valley High School sucks
TOM: Too true...
by ninjaplz February 06, 2009
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