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Someone who molest alligators normally they sneak up on the poor unsuspecting alligator and lift its tail its start the violating process this normally only happens to baby alligators sadly...
Dude1: ya i went to the zoo and seen someone guy molesting a alligator
Dude2: thats sick arnt they called an Alligatoraphile?
by newb pwner November 17, 2006

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Someone who can be really annoying and stupid altho newb and noob mean diffent things newb is someone who sucks but is trying to get better altho noobs normaly ask for stuff and dont want to learn nobody likes a noob but newbs are ok to teach.
Player1: im pretty sure hes a newb.
Player2: whys that?
Player1: mostly cause hes about to die
Player2: lets go help him out
Player1: alright
Newb: hey thanks can you teach me how to play im a newb :
by newb pwner November 17, 2006

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