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A fossilogre is a pro-fossil fuel owner of stock in Oil Gas & Coal companies and is deeply connected to Billionaires and all political parties and movements, to keep capitalism free of social and governmental restraints and regulations.
~Some #fossilogre dick was complaining about the demonstrations and resistance

by native indigenous people who wanted to Stop pipe-lining crude oil through protected
land reserves that were once native indigenous occupied and considered sacred.~
"Hey fossilogre! Run that pipeline through your home's backyard and STFU"
by neverwashasbeen July 10, 2023
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Orange Wedge is another name for LSD in orange tablets (similar to baby aspirin during the '60's).
It was called 'wedge" because the pill was cut in two, and would provide a trip for 2 people for the price of one.
Hey... only a Fin ($5) for a 2 way orange wedge? Good deal! Me & Evelyn are tripping at her Dad's farmhouse.

Nobody's gonna be home...!
by neverwashasbeen August 31, 2019
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