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LEXIST (Technically LEXist or Lexist) is someone well versed or otherwise a legal expert or a centre of knowledge of law and legal matters. (Not to be confused with the US term Jurist).

From the word stem LEX , being the Latin word for "law" or "statute"; See List of Roman laws. Lex (Canon law), in Roman Catholic canon law, typical uses being EUR-Lex which is the repository for all European-Union (European Community) Law and from where the legal phrase Lex Loci arises (i.e. the law of the place).

lex (lɛks) n, pl leges (ˈli dʒi z)Latin being a system or body of laws, a particular specified law or a repository of legal knowledge.
He is a notable Lexist
by netlaw November 05, 2018

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