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Talented band who became official in August 2005. It consists of ex-Northstar band members Nick Torres and Tyler Odom from Alabama. Cassino is currently without label representation and preparing material to record a full length album independently sometime in late 2006.
your mom: "Fuck dude, Northstar broke up."
her mom: "Yeah but now we got Cassino."
by nerdisgay October 14, 2006
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One of the most impressive acoustic songs ever written by possibly one of the best ex-bands ever, Northstar.
your mom: "I love that song, Two Zero Two by Northstar."
her mom: "Too bad they broke up."
your mom: "Cassino's just as good."
by nerdisgay October 14, 2006
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Hailing from Atlanta suburbs Kennesaw, Duluth and Dallas, The June Lottery as it is known today formed in 2007. The pop-punk-rock quartet, consisting of Josh, Julian, Ralph and Stephen, are now ready to use their rhythm and rhymes, and sound compiled of multiple styles, to play honest, genuine Rock 'n Roll music.
shaniqua: the june lottery's bangin

lattifah: fuck yeah
by nerdisgay August 30, 2007
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