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A pair of shoes that are expensive or appear to be expensive.The latest style of color or brands. The shoe most commonly refered to as a "Juicy Kick" is a pair of Nike Air Jordans with flamboyant colors. Even though regular Nike brand shoes are usually priced at 50 dollars or less, they, too, can be juicy kicks if they are clad in highlighted colors. However, Juicy Kicks can be also priced at the excess of 200 dollars or more (i.e. Bape Stas, Bathing Apes).
Darell-Man, I went to da mall yestaday and got me some Bapes!

Darius-Damn! Thems some juicy kicks man!
by Nebjammer February 26, 2010

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A term used by a black person, thought derogatory by said black person, but actually has either no effect, or a humorous effect on a white person. The word's origins are disputed. The term either came from the era in which whites had the luxury of slaves, and often "crack"-ed their whips on the unfortunate slaves, therefore, earning whites the term "Cracker". Another thought origin of the term came from the general color of a cracker (food). This term is meant to challenge whites' use of the n-word, but, it does not work to the same extent.
Shut yo ass up, cracker!
by Nebjammer February 01, 2011

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A nerdy looking kid who has pale skin with freckles splattering their face with candy red hair. Usually the kid is an asshole.
that kid over there is a ginger kid.

oh shit!

that guys an asshole
by nebjammer August 23, 2009

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