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forgiving someone for what they've done to u regardless,accepting the most painful and darkest things they have done and still standing by there side. enduring everything with that person,through good and bad times. hoping for a future with them and trusting to put your hopes and dreams with them. willing to change yourself to make yourself become a better person;FOR THEM and to benefit you. because giving your heart to someone is like giving them the power to destroy you, you need to have a strong foundation of trust. also to remember that neither one of u is perfect and that there will be arguments. love to some people is just a feeling,but they're wrong,its COMMITMENT. it has NO jealousy, it is shameless, the power of love burns so greatly,that not even the seven seas could quench it. love is when after you've had the shittiest day at work and or school,u know they'll be there waiting to listen and they'll understand. they'll support you and encourage you to keep it strong. they're the person that shows you what it means to be selfless and reminds of you of your self worth and how special you really are. love is PATIENT. love, is beautiful.
hey babe, its me nat<3 just wanted to share my feelings to the world of how i feel about you, i love u deeply and i know we'll be closer in miles soon,i pray for u all the time and i truly do love you chris. :) :* i just hope u understand that i need time to let go of things and u know what they are,just please stay strong with me and we will make it through all this! you are not only my loving and amazing boyfriend,but also my best friend,and i want to thank you for that. and im still looking forward to going to Disneyland during Christmas break,lol love u boo and good luck on your first game in Texas!<333
by nat<3'schris September 11, 2010
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