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Ecotivity is an abbreviation, or blend, of the term, ecological activity. An ecotivity is any activity that promotes the conservation or sustainability of ecosystems and bio-diversity.

In more general terms, an ecotivity can be thought of as any ecologically friendly activity. Ecotivities therefore make a positive contribution to averting the environmental crisis of the planet or means of effecting positive change.

Ecotivities include all associated values, actions, and choices either as a green consumer, or as an individual living a sustainable lifestyle, for example, by recycling or energy efficiency. Ecotivity can also be of political, direct action, hand-on environmental conservation, and creative confrontational acts, that are a means to protect the environment.
by nashwick June 26, 2010
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The real name for shabby chic
"Hey Debbie, I just love your new table and chairs. You must tell me where you got them from"

"Thanks Anna, would you believe that they are second hand from eBay. But I was happy to pay a small fortune and way more than they are really worth because the eBay description said they were genuine Granny Chic"
by nashwick September 02, 2016
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