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short for Victim Of Anal
when you go to jail and drop the soap you may become a VOA
by narns February 25, 2008

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a common term in 4 x 4 driving slang for articulation
to drive up onto an object that causes one wheel to lift higher than the rest, causing the spring to compress and the oppisite hand rear to decompress, mostly referred to when 4 wheel driving or 4 wheel drives as you have to drive over obstacles.
also mainly happens on coil spring as leaf spring is rubbish
i said to spud, hey check that out for FLEX, geez shank dogg has his madprk on a monnas angle goin up the FLEX ramp
by narns January 20, 2008

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short for Fuck Off You Slut
shank dogg went into a brothel and told the hooker to foys
by narns January 20, 2008

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