1 definition by nanini09

Melody. Seems graceful, like a violin, but no, she's the whole-ass orchestra. After knowing her for more than 10 minutes, or even 10 years, you can tell she's anything but the things listed before. Melody is spontaneous. She is dramatic. She is crazy as hell. After meeting a Melody, be prepared to gain a couple gray hairs worrying about what she'll do next. She has phases. Phases that are weird and beyond your comprehension. Phases that once you start understanding them, it's too late because she's already moved on to the next. Melody keeps you on your toes, but she also grounds you. Melody is the type of person to show you what you've been missing, but also reminds you of what you have. After knowing Melody, you can't imagine a life without her, because life without her wouldn't be as great. To all the Melody's out there, thank you for bringing music into our lives.
-"Wow, do you know that girl Melody? She's so quiet!"
- "What? No way. We probably aren't talking about the same Melody I know."
by nanini09 September 3, 2019