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When a woman dates a lesser man, in secrecy, when her real agenda is using him to propel herself into greater things and men. The man, who is the victim, is considered the springboard. Often the lady is in college, or trying to lose weight, between jobs, and once this accomplishment is met, she then springs off to greener pastures.
"Dude I can't believe you've been with such a hot chick for over a year now."

Friend : "Man, once she finishes college and hits the gym its over. She is just using you as a springboard to greater success."
by nameless white February 05, 2014

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Prezy means pregnant and crazy. Women's emotions run even higher while pregnant. Any small thing can set them off into a full blown tangent.
"Wow did you hear the way John's girlfriend was screaming at him last night? Ever since she got pregnant she has been crazier than ever. She is straight prezy!"
by nameless white March 28, 2013

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