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Members; Mark Hoppu, Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge, formed in San Diego, California in 1992.

Blink-182 is one o the most influential Pop- Punk/ Punk-Rock bands known to date. they are up there with green day, They helped pave the way for punk rock bands, and also sang about real situations in which people can relate, While maintaining there joking immature status.

Far from emo, Sure one or two 'emo songs' liek adams song, But again do your research and you will understand.

Originally named blink, But were threatened with a law suit from an irish band.
Kid 1: Hey listen to this band they are like uber cool and funny and you can totally relate to them.

Some idiot: Beh blink 182 there emo, Faggot.

Kid 1: Nah ah since when have emo's sang about dog sex and grampa sex and there mum being a transvestite.

Some idiot: Shut up

Kid 1: Idiot go drown.
by n3rdz February 18, 2008
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