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The act of using hair spray or gel to comb a mo-hawk in a males pubes, and then fucking. If the hairspray or gel that is being used is completly dried (hardened) this can be a very painful proces.
Steve: Hey dude can I borrow some hair spray? I'm all out.

Dave: Sorry, me to. I finished it off last night when I got2beglued Ashley.

Steve: Ohhh, ouch!
by n es November 04, 2010
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The are of space in between the two but cheeks (also known as butt cheeks, or ass clapers). Offten used as a jokeing, or nonoffencive, insult.
1. My anal crack is so sore from that huge crap I just took!

2. Dave: Wow your so stupid! I cant belive you fell for that!
Mike: Ha! Ha! Shut up you anal crack!
by n es November 04, 2010
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