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1.To have multiple monogamous relationships at the same time

2.A man's dream relationship(s) in which multiple women are monogamous with him. A professional playa

3.A gold-digging woman's relationship in which she has multiple men/idiots take her out buy her dinner and get no dessert. They all think she is the only one for them, little do they know....
John is seeing Jackie, Jessica, and Samantha. Aka, blonde, blonder, and blondest. None of them are seeing anyone else. They all think he only seeing them. Although they are all monogamous with him, he is polymonogamous with each of them.

Melissa got seven free dinner's this week. And each of the guys think they are the only one. How she manages to be polymonogamous with all of them and not let them catch on is beyond me.
by myspace.com/neil2200 March 02, 2008

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