2 definitions by mylifeisajoke3123

the act of E screaming refers to the art of using your CAPS LOCK key during a typical conversation online
(usually on discord). This makes it seem like you are screaming in text, this may be good in some circumstance to provide more impact to the conversation. Although E screaming is often negatively associated with the misuse of the CAPS LOCK key.
Viktor: how are you doing today??
Abdi: im doing exceptional
Simon: stop E screaming
by mylifeisajoke3123 June 20, 2020
The Daisy treatment refers to the act of ignoring or purposely not answer a text or dm over a prolonged time.
this shall not be confused with the act of ghosting as ghosting implies that you stop texting completely but the Daisy treatment only refers to ghosting within a time span of less then a year
Simon: have you gotten an answer from Daisy yet?
Viktor: no i think im getting the Daisy treatment
Simon: ahh again... i see, good luck to you
Viktor: thanks homie
by mylifeisajoke3123 June 18, 2020