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Kind of racist. Racist is such a charged word in our society, that whenever people hear it--they tense up. So the word "racish" was invented to say, "Hey, I'm not really sure I like what you just said/did, let's talk about it in an attempt to understand each other better." People who do or say racish things are not bad people--they don't go to secret meetings or strategize about how they can keep other people down. What they do is occasionally engage in behavior that helps to keep the races apart, instead of bringing them together. This is not a term that only applies to white people--doesn't that make you happy, white people? I thought it would (: Popularized on the blog myblackfriendsays.com.
"Hey, when you assume that me and the black person next to me in line are together, even though we haven't said one word to each other--I think that's kind of racish."

"Hey, when you give me a dirty look as soon as I step in the door to spend money in your black-owned business, I think that's kind of racish."

"Hey, just because you voted for Barack Obama doesn't mean you're not a racish."

by myblackfriendsays February 27, 2009